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When printing, some text is missing on the estimate, invoice, sales receipt etc.

When printing estimates, invoices, etc., some text can be missing from the printed document although it appears on the screen. 

Why this is happening

  This usually occurs when the font on a template has been changed to use an Open Font Format.  QuickBooks is designed to only use True Type Font format. 

How to fix it

 In order to use your special font within Quickbooks, it must first be converted to a True Type Font (.ttf) and installed to Windows.   Converting to a .ttf font requires a font converter and many free ones can be found on the web, such as freefontconverter.com.

  1. Using a font converter, convert the affected font to a True Type Font.  See the particular converter's website for specific directions.
  2.  Install the converted .ttf file:
  1. Open your QuickBooks company file.
  2. Click on Lists > Templates. Click once to highlight the name of the template that was not printing the text.
  3. Click on Templates and then Edit Template.
  4. Under Change Font For: select the field to change.
  5. Click on Change Font, select the converted font, click OK.
  6. Repeat with other fields as necessary. When finished, click OK.
  7. Print the document to confirm changes.
  8. Repeat with other templates as needed.


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