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Barcode scanning does not work

Barcode scanner is not recognized or fields are not auto populating information from a scan using the Barcode Scanning feature in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory. 

Why this is happening

There are three possible reasons why the scanner feature may not work:

  • QuickBooks does not recognize the scanner.
  • QuickBooks is accessed through a virtual networking computer (VNC) environment.
  • QuickBooks detects the value you are scanning is not a serial or lot number.  It is treating it like a barcode versus other.
How to fix it

Click into the specific field(s) with the cursor in order to scan barcodes or serial numbers/lot numbers.

  • On a transaction form (e.g., invoice):
    1. Click into the item field and scan to populate the item.
    2. Optional - Manually adjust quantify if needed.
  • In a New/Edit Item window for:
    1. Barcodes - click into the barcode field and scan to populate the barcode for the item.
    2. Serial/Lot Numbers - click into the serial/lot number field and scan to populate the number for the item. 
      • If you see the following message: QuickBooks did not find your item in your list of products and services, you may need to manually enter the serial/lot number.


KB ID# SLN63288
5/25/2016 7:52:09 AM
PPRDQSSWS406 9132 Pro 2016 df30e3