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Problems transferring negative inventory from one location to another in Advanced Inventory

Having inventory items with negative quantities on hand (QOH) in advanced inventory causes problems within your QuickBooks Desktop. For example, if you transfer an item with a negative QOH from one inventory site/location to another, the transfer will show a positive quantity for the item in the second site/location and an increased negative quantity for the QOH at the original site/location in the Item List and the Inventory Stock Status by Site report.

Detailed Description

Enterprise Solutions with Advanced Inventory allows you to transfer inventory from one site/location to another. There may be times when the quantities on hand (QOH)  for some inventory items drop into the negative. This usually occurs when you sell an inventory item (either by invoice or sales receipt) and there is not enough QOH for the item at the time it is sold. QuickBooks will warn you that there is not enough of the item to sell, but will allow you to process the transaction anyway. You may actually have the inventory in stock, but it may not have been entered “as received” into QuickBooks.  Working with negative QOH for inventory items creates some unintended consequences such as showing a positive quantity for an item when there is nothing in stock.

How to fix it

For transferring an inventory item with a negative QOH from one site/location to another, the solution is to make two inventory adjustments after the transfer. The first adjustment is to set the QOH of the item in the original site to the correct negative amount and the other adjustment is to set  the correct negative amount for the item in the second site location.
For example:

  • Warehouse-A has a QOH of -20 for Widget #1 
  • Transferring 10 of Widget#1 to Warehouse-B creates a QOH of -30 in Warehouse-A for the item and a QOH of 10 in Warehouse-B in the Inventory Stock Status by Site report.

Steps to fix the issue:

  • Create Inventory adjustments for Widget #1 to correct the quantities in both warehouses (using the example above) as follows:
  1. Go to the Inventory menu or click on the Inventory Activities icon on the Home page and select "Adjust Quantity/Value On Hand."
  2. In the "Adjust Quantity/Value On Hand" window select the Adjustment Date, Adjustment Account, and Inventory Site for the site the item was transferred from (i.e., Warehouse-A).
  3. In the Item field select the item (i.e., Widget #1) and enter the correct quantity for the first site (i.e., -10) and click "Save & New."
  4. For the second adjustment, select the Adjustment Date, Adjustment Account, and Inventory Site for the site the item was transferred to (i.e., Warehouse-B).
  5. In the Item field, select the item (i.e., Widget #1) and enter the correct quantity for the second site (i.e., -10) and click "Save & Close."

The Inventory Stock Status by Site report now shows correct amounts for Widget#1 at the respective locations and the Item List shows the correct total QOH for Widget#1.


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