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Error: Expired Card

You receive an error Expired Card when trying to process a credit card.

Why this is happening

An Expired Card message can occur because:

  • The card expired and is no longer active
  • The incorrect expiration date is saved in the Customer Center
  • The date on the computer is incorrect

Verify the expiration date for the credit card in the Customer Center. See Invalid Expiration Date when processing a credit card in QuickBooks for more help.


Even though the invoice shows the correct date, if the date on the computer is incorrect, the card gives an expired card error. Verify the date on the computer in order to process the card:

1. Select the date in the System Tray, usually located on the bottom right corner of the computer screen.

2. Select Change date and time settings....

3. Select Change date and time....

4. Select the correct date from the Calendar.

5. Select OK to close the windows.

6. Restart QuickBooks.  

7. Process payment as usual.

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