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Error: Warning one field record cannot be read when backing up the data file

Creating backup of the data file displays Error: "Warning one field record cannot be read. This may be because the template type used to store this template is different than the template type trying to read it."

How to fix it
  1. Select OK on the error message
  2. Obtain file location:
    1. Click the F2 key on your keyboard (if F2 isn't responding or nothing happens, CTRL + 1 will bring up the same screen)
    2. Locate the section that says File Information and record that location
    3. Click OK to close that screen
  3. Update to latest release:
    1. Select Help at the top of the screen
    2. Select Update QuickBooks
    3. Select Update Now
    4. Select Get Updates
    5. Close and reopen QuickBooks
    6. Click Yes to allow installation of updates, if prompted
    7. Close and re-open QuickBooks
  4. Open the data file; if it doesn't open automatically:
    1. Select your file in the No Company Open Screen and click Open OR
    2. Manually open file:
      1. Go to File menu at the top of the screen
      2. Select Open or Restore Company>Open a Company File, click Next
      3. Browse to the file location, click on the file, then click Open.
  5. Use standard data damage troubleshooting which should resolve the issue
  6. Create an additional backup
KB ID# SLN62896
4/30/2017 11:21:48 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 fe11d1