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Automatic sync options are disabled

The automatic sync options are currently disabled because you do not have any online applications that require continuous syncing of your QuickBooks company file to Intuit’s servers.

These options are enabled when you subscribe to an online application that requires your updated company file data.

Why this is happening

Intuit has detected that this company file is not associated with any online application that requires continuous sync, therefore, the automatic sync options are disabled.  Automatic sync is not necessary if you have not subscribed to an online application that requires this type of continuous update for your QuickBooks data.

If you have other online applications that do not require continuous sync, your QuickBooks Company data will continue to sync to Intuit’s servers at an appropriate interval, and will be available for access as soon as you subscribe to an online application that requires this data.

Note: the sync process OR any sync related error will not affect QuickBooks features and all QuickBooks functionality will continue to work as usual without any interruption.

How to fix it

At this time there is no way to manually change your automatic sync settings.

QuickBooks and the sync feature are working as designed. Intuit will automatically enable changes to these settings if you choose to subscribe to a related online application.

Important: Any changes you make to your QuickBooks company file will continue to be synced, and will be available on any online application you subscribe to via the Intuit App Center. You can also use the Sync Now button to initiate an immediate update of your data.

KB ID# SLN61505
10/23/2016 6:35:49 PM
PPRDQSSWS406 9138 Pro 2017 670f65