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Time/Costs icon grayed out after entering reimbursable expenses

When creating an invoice for a customer with reimbursable expenses the Time/Costs icon may be grayed out.

Why this is Happening

There are two possible causes:

  • Cost of Goods Sold was used on the bill or check.  This account type cannot be used as a reimbursable expense in Quickbooks for Mac.
  • An Other Expense account was used on the bill or check and there were no other expense accounts used on the transaction.
What you can try now

If a Cost of Goods Sold account was used you will need to edit the reimbursable expense transaction and use an allowed account type.

If an Other Expense account was used add an extra expense to the reimbursable expense transaction.

  1. Open the bill or check.
  2. Add an additional line.  Use an Expense account and enter $0.00 for the Amount.
  3. Save the transaction.
  4. Create an invoice for the customer.  Time/Costs should now be active. Select and add your reimbursable expenses.
  5. (Optional) Open the bill or check again and delete the line added in Step 2.  (EditDelete Line or Cmd + B.)

Note: If you used an Other Current Asset account in your reimbursable expense transaction please update QuickBooks 2012 to the latest release.  See Knowledgebase article SLN56296 for more information.

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