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Wells Fargo account downloads the wrong payee to QuickBooks when using Online Banking or Bill Pay

You have two or more Wells Fargo bank accounts, such as a personal account and a business account.  You set up online services for one account in your QuickBooks Desktop company file, then you attempt to set up online services for the other account in a different QuickBooks Desktop company file.  When you sign in to the second account in the second QuickBooks Desktop company file, the system downloads the payee from the first account and company file.   You are unable to separate the payees for the two accounts and the two different company files.

Why this is happening

Because Wells Fargo maintains one master list of online payees, if you have multiple Wells Fargo accounts in your name (such as a business account and a personal account), these accounts are associated with the exact same online payee.  When you set up online services in QuickBooks Desktop for a Wells Fargo account, QuickBooks Desktop cannot differentiate between the different accounts because these account credentials for the online payee are the same.

How to fix it

Workaround: Work with Wells Fargo to put one of your accounts under a different owner.

For an account to have unique online payee credentials, it must be set up with Wells Fargo under a different name. 

You will need to work with Wells Fargo to set up one account (such as your personal account) in your name, then set up the other account (such as the buisness account) in someone else's name (such as a spouse, relative, or buisness partner).

Once you have set up the accounts with Wells Fargo, you can then set them up for online services in QuickBooks Desktop.

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