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Unit of measure pound (lb) to metric ton (t) is not calculating correctly

When creating transactions (sales orders or invoices) using units of measure by weight, with the base unit of pounds (lb), after entering a line item and and selecting metric ton (t) as the U/M, the rate changes or the amount is not rounding off.

Detailed instructions

Solution 1:

  1. Enter the item on the invoice.
  2. Note the calculated Amount.
  3. Delete the Price imported from the item list.
  4. Edit the Amount to the correct amount.
  5. Print or send the invoice using a template that does not include the price.

Solution 2:

  1. Set up a custom item field named "Price" and add it as a column to the invoice template.
  2. Enter the item and quantity.
  3. Enter the correct price in the custom column "Price" and the correct Amount.
  4. Print or send the invoice using a template that displays the custom column but not the Unit Price Column..
KB ID# SLN56084
3/29/2017 12:21:39 AM
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