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Restore from Backup is not clickable or no files show in backup history

When you open Intuit Data Protect (IDP) and attempt to restore a backup, the Restore from Backup button is grayed-out and not clickable. When you click View Backup History, the window is blank.

Why is this happening
  • If this is your first time using IDP, the Restore from Backup option is unavailable because you have not yet created any backups. You will not be able to Restore from Backup until after you have created a backup.
  • If you have an existing subscription and have just installed Intuit Data Protect on a new machine and the new installation has not recognized that previous backups exist, then please follow the steps in How to fix it below.
How to fix it

Note: Ensure you have the latest IDP update.

  1. Exit Intuit Data Protect.
  2. Close Company File and exit QuickBooks.
  3. Check if all IDP processes are no longer running.
    1. Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL).
    2. Click the Processes tab.
    3. Click the Image Name column to arrange the services alphabetically.
    4. Find and end the following services: IntuitDataProtect.exe, IBUEnghost.exe and QBIDPService.exe
    5. If you find any of the above processes, end the process, otherwise close Task Manager.
  4. Create a test folder.
    Note: We will run a test backup.
    1. Right-click anywhere on Windows Desktop, choose New and select Folder.
    2. Name the folder “Test”.
    3. Open Notepad. In the text field, type Test.
    4. Save the file on the Test folder you created.
  5. Run a test backup.
    1. Open IDP again.
      • From the View menu, select Top Icon Bar.
      • From the Home screen, look for the Backup Status section and click Intuit Data Protect.
    2. In the Backup Status window, click Change Backup Settings.
    3. In the Select QuickBooks data you want to back up screen, uncheck all files, and click Continue.
    4. In the Select other folders to back up screen, uncheck all selections accept for Custom Data.
    5. Click Add a custom folder.
    6. Click OK to Save and click Close to return to the IDP settings wizard.
    7. Click Continue and click Backup Now.
  6. After the backup completes, the Restore from Backup should be clickable.
  7. Click Restore from Backup. You should now see the list of all backups available to restore.
Important: Do not forget to restore your backup settings


  1. Open IDP again.
  2. Click Change backup settings.
  3. In the Select the QuickBooks data you want to backup window, select all the files you wish to backup.
  4. Click Continue and click Backup now.
  5. When backup completes, the Backup Completed window appears. Click OK.
KB ID# SLN55474
4/30/2017 1:31:56 PM
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