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Back up fails when using Intuit Data Protect

You try to backup, restore or install Intuit Data Protect on a new system and receive a message that indicates that IDP cannot retrieve the list of files fom the server.

Why this is happening

This error happens if .NET is disabled in Windows Programs and Features.

How to fix it

To resolve this error, you need to enable .Net3.5 and reboot:

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Close and save any other programs or applications, as the final step in this process is a reboot.
  3. On your keyboard, press + R.
  4. Type in Control Panel and click OK.
  5. Click Uninstall a program.
  6. Click Turn Windows feature on or off.
  7. Select Turn Windows features on or off, then click the checkbox to enable the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.
  8. Click OK to close the Windows Features screen.
  9. Reboot your system.
KB ID# SLN54877
4/30/2017 7:43:53 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9138 Pro 2017 810cf8