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Trying to activate merchant service in QuickBooks but it prompts me to transfer service

QuickBooks merchant accounts that have been previously activated will prompt you to transfer service when linking to a new or different QuickBooks company file.

IMPORTANT: When linking a stand-alone GoPayment type payments account to another application (e.g. QuickBooks Desktop, Online or Point-of-Sale) a new connection is created which usually removes any previous inventory items in GoPayment. Be sure to document all your inventory items prior to linking the account to another application.

How to fix it
  1. Log in to the QuickBooks company file that you will be linking to your QuickBooks merchant service account.
  2. From the customers drop-down select Link Payment service to company file (if this does not appear, see Alternate QuickBooks activation).
  3. You are then prompted to log in with the username and password linked to the account.
  4. Upon logging in, a window appears informing you that you need to transfer service. If there are other merchant accounts linked to this login you will be asked to select which merchant account you would like to link to this QuickBooks file.
  5. Select the merchant account you wish to link (if appropriate) then select the Transfer option.



  1. A second request then appears asking you to Confirm Transfer.


  1. When completed a message appears indicating you have activated merchant services in this company file.



If this solution does not resolve the issue, you can read questions regarding your issue, find any related answers or contact us for free at our Intuit Payments Support website.

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