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Intuit Sync Manager Error Code 4_6163

When attempting to sync data with Intuit Sync Manager you receive the message Error Code  4_6163.

Error Category: Can't open the company file

Error Message: There was an error while connecting to your company file: Not able to gain access to the specified file or folder.

Why this is happening

QuickBooks needs to be updated to the latest release to work with the current version of Intuit Sync Manager.

How to fix it

Install the latest release of QuickBooks and sync data

  1. From the QuickBooks Help Menu select Update QuickBooks
  2. Close QuickBooks and exit Intuit Sync Manager
  3. Restart QuickBooks to install the update
  4. Open Intuit Sync Manager and select Sync Now

You may need to reset the Intuit Sync Manager if it fails

In QuickBooks, choose Help > Manage Data Sync > Reset Intuit Sync Manager.

KB ID# SLN54695
10/26/2016 2:21:48 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9138 Pro 2017 021207