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Intuit Data Protect runs in the background without a subscription

You notice that Intuit Data Protect is running in the background even though you have not subscribed to it or have canceled your subscription.

Why this is happening

Occasionally, the installation or update to Quickbooks Desktop fails to install an important component of IDP. This causes IDP to appear to be running in the background.  

Please be assured that your files and your data are safe and have not been accessed by IDP.

How to fix it

Please be sure you


If updating is not possible or does not solve your issue, you can Add /Startup to the end of the IDP target in the Startup Folder

  1. Go to Start  > All Programs > Startup
  2. Right-click Intuit Data Protect and select Properties.
  3. In the Target field, add /Startup to the end of the target entry.
    Screenshot of Target field
  4. This should prevent IDP from running in the background if you have not activated it.
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10/22/2016 8:12:22 PM
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