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Message: Sorry, you cannot change this item receipt now

 When you create a bill for received items using Advanced Inventory, you see the following message:

Sorry, you cannot change this Bill now. Single-user-only interactive feature is currently doing a task that uses the data in this transaction.


When you click  OK, you continue to see the error and unable to create the bill.


How to fix it

Solution: Manually receive the bill

When you receive the message, the transaction is locked in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Perform the following to unlock the transaction and create the bill against the item receipt.

  1. Close QuickBooks and reopen.
  2. Open the Vendor Center and find the vendor.
  3. In the Transaction pane, find and double-click the item receipt you want to create the bill for.
  4. In the Create Item Receipts - Accounts Payable window, select the Bill Received checkbox.
    Note: The checkbox is located below the Attached icon.
  5. Edit the transaction as needed and save.
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3/30/2017 1:29:53 PM
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