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Problems to be Resolved - Record Merchant Service Deposits

For this process to work correctly, deposits downloaded into QuickBooks must have all the related transactions in that deposit located in QuickBooks and must match exactly with the information being downloaded. If any single (or more) item in the download does not match the information in QuickBooks exactly or has been modified - the entire group downloaded items will appear in Problems to be Resolved.  

The following information is provided as a preventive measure by determining why the problem occurred and how to prevent it. 

Any items in Problems to be Resolved that should appear in QuickBooks may need to be manually entered.
Items that continue to appear in Problems to be Resolved after all attempts to resolve have been taken, cannot be manually removed once they are in this area! They will drop-off automatically approximately 12 months from the transaction date.

Problems to be resolved

The following factors will cause items to appear in the Problems To Be Resolved section of QuickBooks:

(To confirm which transaction is in each deposit, log in to the Merchant Service Center to display the deposits and match up the corresponding payments in QuickBooks - if there is a discrepancy, the entire download will go to Problems to be Resolved)

Payment was deposited manually prior to using Record Merchant Service Deposits
  1. Find the deposit in the Merchant Service Center and see which other transactions it combined with to get a deposit total.
  2. Verify if one or more transactions have been deposited into the QuickBooks register with different transactions.
    1. Go to Banking>Make Deposits.
    2. Click the back button until you find one or more of the transactions you are looking for.
      1. If the deposit slip contains incorrect transactions you must delete the deposit and then deposit it again containing the proper transactions.
        To delete an incorrect deposit, open up the deposit and go to Edit>Delete Deposit. Click ok to confirm the deletion and proceed with step C.
      2. If the correct transactions are showing batched together and the total is correct than the deposit is reflected properly in the bank register. The items listed in Problems to be Resolved can be disregarded as the transactions will automatically drop off.
    3.  Exit the deposits window and return to Banking>Make Deposits and select all of the proper transactions that are to be combined into one batch and click Ok.
    4. Select the correct bank account from the drop down then press Save and Close. The proper batch total will now show in the bank register in QuickBooks.


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