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Applications do not appear in Appcenter Online account

What is happening?

Upon signing in to the Intuit App Center account, your applications and subscriptions do not appear on the screen and the home page appears cut off.
How to fix it

There are three workarounds that you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Use an alternative Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  2. Minimize the window, then Maximize (or open) it again.
  3. Adjust the text size for your Chrome window.
    1. Click the Tools button in the top-right.
    2. Increase or decrease the Zoom.
    3. Close the window, then reopen it.

      Screenshot of how to access tools and adjust zoom in Chrome browser
KB ID# SLN54101
4/30/2017 1:39:09 PM
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