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Company snapshot is blank or displays unrecoverable error when opening

When you open the company snapshot, you may see a blank window. You may also see an error:

Quickbooks has experienced an unexpected error. Try closing and reopening the Company Center to refresh the data. If problem continues, contact your QuickBooks Administrator.

Why this is happening

This error is caused by system related changes like language locale producing unreadable characters.

How to fix it

Important: Ensure QuickBooks is up to date.

Resort the Names list:

  1. Close the Company Snapshot window.
  2. Open the Names list:
    1. From the Banking menu, choose Write Checks.
    2. Click in the Pay to the Order of field.
    3. Press CRTL + L on your keyboard.
  3. If possible, select the Include inactive checkbox.
  4. Look for any unreadable character (may appear as square boxes).
  5. Edit all names with unreadable characters and remove them.
KB ID# SLN54051
10/18/2017 3:58:09 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9142 Pro 2018 692649