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Unable to download online banking or receive duplicate statements following data recovery

The company file was recently repaired by Intuit Data Services.  When attempting to use Online Banking, you receive the error message - unable to download transactions. Upon a successful connection, you may also receive previously downloaded transactions.

Why this is happening

The company file may have been sent to Data Services because of an issue with Online Banking or Data Services may have found and repaired an issue with Online Banking when they worked on the company file.

  • To repair Online Banking or Online Payee damage in a file, Intuit Data Services must strip out all of the online account data so that the file can start fresh. 
  • If Data Services had to repair Online Banking damage, the accounts and transactions are not lost, however Online Banking will need to be setup again for each and every account that uses Online Banking.

Note: The bank will see this setup as a first time connection and downloand the maximum amount of transactions allowed by the server.

How to fix it

Set up Online Banking for each account as appropriate then download transactions.

  1. Set up Online Banking for each account as appropriate.
  2. If available on the bank's website, reset the date to the last time there were transactions downloaded, before Intuit Data Services repaired the company file. This will allow for downloading transactions that were not previously downloaded.
    Note: Some banks provide this ability and some do not.  If your bank does not provide this ability, then the first time you download transactions you will receive the maximum number of transactions available.
  3. Download transactions for each account that is set up for Online Banking.

Important: If you were not able to reset the date on your bank's website, the first download will include the maximum number of transactions (this can be over a year of transactions in some cases).  You will need to match any new transactions, then delete the remaining (previously matched or added) transactions by deleting the statement. Once you do this, your next download will contain only new transactions.

KB ID# SLN53360
4/27/2017 12:11:36 AM
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