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Turn On Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise

Advanced Inventory tracks inventory stored at different sites or locations. For example, you might store inventory at different warehouses, in multiple trucks, in different areas within a warehouse, at consignment locations, or at outside manufacturers. To use this feature, you must first purchase Advanced Inventory or have a subscription that includes it. For more information, click here.

How to fix it

To Turn on Advanced Inventory:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
  2. Choose Items & Inventory.
  3. Click the Company Preferences tab.
  4. Check the box for Make sure Inventory and Purchase Orders are Active.
  5. Select the Advanced Inventory is enabled  button-bar.

If the Advanced Inventory is Enabled option is grayed out even though you have purchased the feature, you will need to sync license data online so that QuickBooks recognizes it.
To do this:

  1. In QuickBooks, choose Help > Manage my License > Sync License Data Online.
  2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Items & Inventory.
  3. Click the Company Preferences tab.
  4. Check the Advanced Inventory button-bar.
  5. Close and re-open the QuickBooks program.


If Syncing fails on some but not all computers this points to system specific problems. Try these steps:

IMPORTANT These troubleshooting step are for the Windows operating system, which is not an Intuit product. These steps can become complex if errors occur while repairing or uninstalling .Net Framework. If you are not comfortable doing these steps on your own, Intuit recommends you consult with your computer's manufacturer

  1. Run Reboot.bat
  2. Run the Install Repair Tool
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