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Resolve issues with Intuit merchant services using internet explorer

All Intuit web based products and services are designed for use and compatibility with Internet Explorer and as a result any problems that occur must be diagnosed in Internet Explorer.

This article can help you resolve the following problems:

  • Blank page or no activity when trying to access a web-based application
  • Web pages missing information or not rendering correctly
  • Activation links or buttons do not work even though they appear active
  • Scripts (ActiveX, Java,, etc...) not installing or working properly
  • QuickBooks submit button is not working properly
  • Page Cannot Be Displayed /  Navigation to web page cancelled when accessing known links
  • Invalid security Certificates / Untrusted Publishers for Intuit web sites
  • Problems and errors processing credit card and/or check transactions
  • Downloads not working
  • Any issue where network connections fail in an otherwise functional environment.


How to fix it

If the problem occurs in every browser version on your system or network, the security configurations are likely causing the problem.
Since Internet Explorer is the default browser for QuickBooks Desktop and other applications, clearing the cache may resolve persistent issues.


NOTE: If you're experiencing a problem with QuickBooks 2012 (or older) and the Internet Explorer 9 (or newer) update has been installed, that version of the Internet Explorer update will need to be removed for merchant services to work properly. This is due to significant updates made to newer versions of Internet Explorer after the respective QuickBooks version was released. QuickBooks 2013 and newer versions have been specifically designed to be compatible with newer versions of Internet Explorer.

IMPORTANT:  Internet Explorer updates must be removed from the View Installed Updates list located in the Programs and Features section of the Windows operating system. Attempting to install an older version of Internet Explorer over and existing newer version will results in an error. Internet Explorer should not be fully removed from a computer as it will cause problems with file navigation and access. For information on removing newer versions of the Internet Explorer, see the Troubleshooting issues section of the article, QuickBooks and the new Internet Explorer, 9 & up.

If you continue to have problems on various compatible systems and/or in various compatible network configurations that only affect your merchant services, there may be a problem with the merchant account. Please contact us at 800-558-9558 for further assistance.
NOTE: If problems occurs within QuickBooks with any web-based connections and are not limited to merchant services, the QuickBooks support team will need to be contacted at 888-320-7276 to resolve the QuickBooks connectivity issue.

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