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Error -6144, -83 Cannot connect to the database. Specified Database not Found when Opening a QBA

When opening an accountant's copy file (QBA) the following is displayed:
Error -6144, -83: Cannot connect to the database. Specified database not found.
Why this is happening

This error message can occur if the QBA file or the .nd files are corrupted. It also can occur if the installation of QuickBooks Desktop is damaged.

How to fix it

Perform the solutions in the order shown.

  1. Ensure that the QBA file is local on the computer.
    1. If the file resides on a server, copy the file from the server by browsing to the location and right-clicking to copy it, then browsing to an area on the local workstation (such as the Desktop) and right-clicking to paste the file.
    2. Once the file is local, open the file by going to File > Open or Restore Company > Open a company file > and browse to the copy of the file that is on the local workstation. If the error still occurs, proceed to step 2.
  2. Rename the .nd file associated with the file.
    1. Browse to the location where the QBA file is stored.
    2. Locate the .nd file (it will have the same name as the company file with the extension .ND) and right-click the file to rename it to companyname.ndOLD.
      Note: If you cannot view the file extensions, follow Display hidden files and folders or search for files using Windows for your operating system.
  3. Create a new QBA file to test if the file is damaged.
    1. To determine whether it is the file or the program that is damaged, create a new QBA file and verify that it opens correctly. If you are unsure of how to create an accountant’s copy file, follow the steps in the support article here.
    2. Once the QBX is created, convert it to a QBA following the steps here.

If the file opens and converts successfully, the original QBA file is damaged. Have the client send the QBX file again and the accountant must re-enter the changes.

If the QBA file does not open successfully, the installation of QuickBooks may be damaged. Repair QuickBooks.

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