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Resolve issues when sending emails with Cox or CableOne servers in QuickBooks Desktop

If you have an email address ending in  “@cox.net” or "_@cableone.net " and you use it to send forms through QuickBooks Desktop, you may experience troubles sending invoices or reports. 

This is most often caused by a port setting required by the Cox or CableOne SMTP server.  

How to fix it

Please be sure you followed the instructions in this article in setting up your Cox email account (as web mail) in QuickBooks for emailing:

Switch from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail to web mail or QuickBooks E-mail


Set up QuickBooks Desktop to email invoices through my webmail service

Cox's standard SMTP settings are to not use SSL or login information when sending emails.  QuickBooks requires login information, and prefers SSL connections. Therefore, Cox's standard of using port 25 and no SSL connection with SMTP will not work with QuickBooks.  The solution is to use the alternate option of port 587 with SSL.  If port 587 does not work, there is an alternate port that often will work:  port 465.

CableOne uses the Google servers, so instead of using "other" in the Add Email Info window for the provider field, choose "gmail". Fill in port 587 (most often successful) or 465.  Be sure to check of the SSL box, then click OK.

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