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Address line for email displays blank profile when sending email using the QuickBooks Email Service

When sending an email through the QuickBooks email service (such as a Report or Invoice), the From address Line is showing "EMPTY PROFILE" instead of the e-mail address.

This is happening because the Advanced Service Administration profile is not filled out.

How to fix it
  1. Go to Company > Advanced Service Administration.
  2. Login to your Intuit Account.
  3. In the Manage Your Account section, click on View/Update Account Information.
  4. Ensure all information is filled out correctly and click OK.
  5. In the Manage Your Account section, click on View/Update Contact Information.
  6. Ensure all information is filled out and click the Update Contact Information button.
  7. The EMPTY PROFILE name should now be resolved.
KB ID# SLN49980
4/26/2017 8:49:20 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 a59190