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Message "Invalid Credit Card Type" or similar error when trying to process a credit card

When you try to charge a credit card, you get the message Invalid Credit Card Type or Card not supported. This error can occur for any card type including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Errors you may see include:

  • Invalid Credit Card Type
  • Invalid Merchant Number
  • Not an allowed card type
  • Card not supported
  • Invalid merchant account
  • Merchant account information not recognized
How to fix it
  1. Verify the card has a credit card logo and is not a debit card. Debit cards usually have the word "Debit" on or near the card's logo.
  2. Verify your account is set up properly to accept the card type you are processing. From the Merchant Service Center, choose Account > Account Profile to verify which Payment Methods you are authorized to accept.
  3. If you recently opened or reopened your account, it takes about 24 hours for the system to turn on the accepted card types. So, you'll need to wait 24 hours to process the card.
  4. If you're accepting an American Express card, check the first few numbers on the card. Amex purchase cards starting with these card numbers cannot be accepted:
    • 3785-7
    • 3785-9
    • 3787-3
  5. If the card is a Level II Card or Purchase Card, please request another form of payment. These card types are not accepted by the processor, First Data Corporation (FDR).  Note: Level II or Purchase cards usually have the words "Commercial Card" or "Purchasing Card" on the front. 
  6. If you are processing the card in QuickBooks, make sure the Payment Method list contains the card type you're processing.
  7. If the card cannot be processed, ask the customer for another credit card.
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