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Item Profitability Report does not show Actual Cost of all non-inventory items

 When running an item profitability report, the Actual Cost column shows as $0.00 even though there were bills that were entered for the item.

How to fix it
  1. Find the Bills written to the vendor for the non-inventory items.  
    • Depending on how many non-inventory items are in question, you may use the Purchases by Vendor Detail Report to include more line items.
  2. Quick zoom by double-clicking on the amount to pull up the bill.
  3. Verify that the bill has a Customer:Job assigned.  Otherwise, the Actual Cost column in the report will show as $0.00.

NOTE:  If other charge items were used on bills, the same result will occur.



KB ID# SLN47093
3/27/2017 7:28:33 PM
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