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Resolve Sync Manager Error Code: 5_xxxx (Batch 2)

5_xxxx errors indicate that Sync Manager was unable to connect to the company file.

You may see one of the following errors when Sync Manager failed to connect to the company file:

  • Error Code 5_3021: The server's certificate could not be verified.
  • Error Code 5_3022: An error occurred while trying to get the certificate from the server.
  • Error Code 5_3023 and 6_3024: Unable to upload your data
  • Error Code 5_3030: An error occurred while configuring your file for sync. Please clear sync settings and re-setup this company file.
  • Error Code 5_3040: Please register dbmlsynccom.dll to recover from this error.
  • Error Code 5_3041: Cannot find dbmlsynccom.dll in the expected location. Please locate and register dbmlsynccom.dll to recover from this error.
  • Error Code 5_13944: There was a problem while uploading your data.
  • Error Code 6_1013: Error during upload
  • Error Code 6_1016 or 6_6017: Your company file seems to have a problem that prevents sync to complete successfully. Use Verify-Rebuild option in QuickBooks 2013 and later to solve this problem.

Find the error code you are getting from the following list and expand to view solutions.

IMPORTANT: Before you perform the specific troubleshooting steps for the error you are getting, you must ensureSync Manager is up to date.


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