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Error: -2019 when setting up your company file to sync with an online application

When you try to set up Intuit Sync Manager to sync with an online application or service (such as with Intuit 1099 E-File), you receive Error -2019.

Why this is happening

This error occurs if you do not use the Admin User ID/email address and password to sign in to your Intuit account.

This could happen if, for example, the online business profile was created by someone else (the Admin user) and that person has invited you to use the the account. However, to set up Intuit Sync Manager, you must be signed into the Intuit account as the administrator.

Note: The Admin user for Sync Manager does not have to be the same person as the Admin in QuickBooks. You could be an Admin user for QuickBooks but not the Admin on the online account.

How to fix it

Important: If the company file you are using is already associated with an online business profile and is subscribed to online applications, do not set up a new subscription and do not create a new business profile. Doing so will break the association with those existing applications.  You must sign into the existing Intuit account as the Admin and use the existing online business profile to set up your new online application or service.

Solution: Sign into the Intuit account as the Admin when setting up the sync

Note: In the example below, the user is setting up the 1099 E-File service. The basic process is the same for all applications.

  1. Open QuickBooks and choose Vendors > Print/E-File 1099.

  2. Click Use Intuit 1099 E-File Service.

  3. Click Return to service.

  4. Use the Admin User ID/email and password to sign in to the Intuit account.

  5. If prompted, select the online business profile that is currently associated with this company file, then click Launch App
  6. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish setting up the application or service.


KB ID# SLN45287
10/22/2016 11:12:53 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 eeec4a