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Intuit Sync Manager must run twice to update data in QuickBooks Connect or QuickBooks Mobile

You have updated information in your QuickBooks Desktop application, but you don't see those changes in QuickBooks Connect or QuickBooks Mobile.

Why this is happening

If you subscribed to QuickBooks Connect before December 22, 2010, please use either the temporary or permanent solution below as appropriate to your situation and needs.

This issue typically affects users who subscribed to QuickBooks Connect before December 22, 2010.


How to fix it

Important:  The permanent solution for this issue requires that you clear your sync settings and set up Intuit Sync Manager again.  Doing this will cause a new initial sync of your company file, and that process can take some time.  If you do not have time to allow your system to perform a full sync, please use the temporary solution below for now, then use the permanent solution when you have enough time.

Make sure you have the latest Intuit Sync Manager update.

 Temporary solution: Re sync your data

  1. Double-click the Intuit Sync Manager icon in the system tray to open Intuit Sync Manager.
  2. Click Sync Now. Your most recent updates to QuickBooks should now be reflected in QuickBooks Connect and QuickBooks Mobile. 

Note: Because this is a temporary fix, you may experience this issue again the next time you update your QuickBooks desktop application.


Permanent Solution: Clear sync settings and set up Intuit Sync Manager again

  1. In QuickBooks, choose Help > Manage Data Sync > Clear Sync Settings.
  2. When prompted, type YES to clear the sync.
  3. In QuickBooks, choose Online Services > Set Up Intuit Sync Manager.
    Note: In QuickBooks 2013, Set Up Intuit Sync Manager option is available under File menu.
  4. Set up Intuit Sync Manager to link to the business profile associated with your company file again.

Once the initial sync has run, you should no longer experience this issue, and your information should sync properly.



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10/26/2016 8:15:41 AM
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