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Estimate Letter with Details displays data in wrong columns

You may see information from your Estimates in the wrong columns on the Estimates Letter with Details.

Why this is happening

When your sales item contains carriage returns, it causes the data displayed on the Estimates Letter with Details to show up in the wrong columns. Carriage returns are caused by using the Enter key in the description.

How to fix it

You can edit the items in the item list to remove the carriage returns.

  1. Choose Lists > Items.
  2. Find the item that is displaying incorrectly.
  3. Edit the description to be one continuous paragraph that does not have any blank lines nor any carriage returns in it.
  4. Open the Estimate you created the letter from.
  5. Click on the line of the estimate that contains the item name that you changed the description for.
  6. Press Ctrl+Delete remove the item.
  7. Press Ctrl+Insert key to put in a blank line.
  8. Select the item and re-enter the Quantity and Price information.
  9. Click the Save & Close button.
  10. Re-create the Estimate letter.




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4/30/2017 7:47:00 AM
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