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Password Vault Password Has Expired

When opening the QuickBooks File Manager, the Change Password Vault Password screen appears.
Why this is happening
Every 90 days, you are required to change your complex password used for the QuickBooks File Manager's Password Vault.
How to fix it

Complete the fields and choose a new complex password. Also, select and answer the password reset questions (Challenge Questions).

If you do not remember your username:

  1. Click the Cancel button.
  2. Exit QuickBooks File Manager.
  3. Change your system date back one month.
  4. Open QuickBooks File Manager.
  5. Click the Password Vault button at the top of the File Manager and select Open Password Vault.
  6. Click Recover Username and answer the challenge questions. You will be returned to the login screen with your Username. If you don't remember your old password, click Reset Password and answer the challenge question.
  7. Exit QuickBooks File Manager and correct the system date.
  8. Open File Manager and finish the password change request.
KB ID# SLN44326
3/29/2017 12:24:35 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 1a9e64