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Steps to restore Intuit Data Protect after a system crash or implementation on a new system

You have recovered from a system crash or you have attempted to move your QuickBooks application and/or Intuit Data Protect to a new computer and you are unable to use Intuit Data Protect.

This article explains the process to re-instate Intuit Data Protect after the transfer to another computer or system crash.

Why this is happening

Intuit Data Protect installs with QuickBooks 2011 and later. If you had to reformat your computer or move QuickBooks/IDP to a new system, you must reinstall QuickBooks and reactivate Intuit Data Protect before you can continue to use it.

How to fix it

Step 1: If you have not already done so, reinstall QuickBooks.

Step 2:
Setup IDP.

  1. In QuickBooks, from the Home screen, look for the Backup Status section and click Intuit Data Protect.
  2. The Intuit Data Protect window appears. Click Activate Now.
  3. The window will change to a log in screen. Sign in using the the Intuit Account credentials created when you subscribed.
  4. The Intuit Data Protect Diagnose automatically runs. Click Continue when all the status shows Complete.
  5. A confirmation screen pops up if IDP finds previously backed up files. Click Yes to start the recovery of your files.
    Note: If the Restore window does not come up, a very small backup may have to be initiated to connect to the servers.
  6. IDP will retrieve the list of files available to restore. If no backup files display in the restore list, follow the steps from No backup files display in the restore list of Intuit Data Protect.
  7. Select the file/s you wish to restore and click Continue.
  8. You will be asked to choose the restore points. Select the version you wish to restore. Click Close.
  9. The interface reverts to display your chose restore points. Click Continue.
  10. Select the location (original or new) for your restored backup and click Restore.
    Note: If you choose:
    • New Location - A window pops up asking where you want to restore the files
    • Original Location -A prompt to confirm overwriting existing files with the restored backup. Click Overwrite or Cancel as appropriate.
  11. The Restore Completed window appears after restore completes. Click OK.

After successfully restoring the files, make sure the updated copy is included in the backup list.

  1. From the Intuit Data Protect interface, click Change Backup Settings.
  2. The first window is for selecting Quickbooks files. After you click Continue, you will be asked if there are other folders you wish to back up. Click Continue again.
  3. You will be asked to set up the schedule to backup the files on the next window. Click Continue again.
  4. The Notification Email settings window opens. Assign an e-mail address to be notified if:
    • The backup Fails.
    • The backup is Successful.
    • The last good backup is older than x number of days. (You can set the number of days here.)
    • Other critical issues.
  5. Click Continue and you can already start the Backup Process.
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