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Remove duplicate tax payroll items created when updating the company file

Information on how to remove duplicate tax payroll items that were created when updating the company file from a previous version.

Why this is happening
Intuit's payroll services' tax tables support several miscellaneous state taxes that had to be set up manually in earlier versions of QuickBooks. Examples include California's Employee Training Tax and Georgia's Assessment Tax.
During an update, QuickBooks adds a new tax payroll item for each miscellaneous state tax, it now supports in a particular state or states. The new items are Other Tax payroll items. As a result, there are one or more Other Tax items that have the same name and function as an existing deduction or company contribution payroll items.
How to fix it

To remove duplicate payroll items, the file will need to be sent to data services.

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4/27/2017 7:19:30 PM
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