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Character limit in QuickBooks Statement Writer report headers

The article suggests steps so you can work around the 254-character limit for the report header in Quickbooks Statement Writer (QSW).

Why this is happening

This is a limitation of MS Excel. The header cannot exceed 254 characters.  If you exceed the maximum,  the header will be truncated.

Note: The character limit also includes the formatting characters that you don’t see.  For example, if you change the font on every line, the font names are part of the hidden formatting codes and can easily push a header over the limit – especially if they are using fonts with long names.

To avoid exceeding the character limit:

  • Make the headers only as long as you really need.
  • Abbreviate if you can.
  • Try to limit the amount of formatting changes.
  • Remember that the other sections of the header count too. Minimize the left and right sections’ text if the main header is getting long.

You may want to use the following workaround:

  1. At the very top of the open QSW report, insert a few blank rows.
  2. Select a row (by clicking its number on the left) with a title in it (like the ASSETS row in a Balance Sheet).
  3. Right click the number of the row and select Copy.
  4. Right click the number of the first row in the report and click Insert Copied Cells.
  5. Delete the text from the row you just inserted.
  6. Select this row by clicking its number at the far left.
  7. In the QSW task pane on the right, click Insert Fields under Cell Properties.
  8. Select Client Information.
  9. Click Company Name and click Insert.
  10. Enter header the header information you wish to display in the top rows here without concern of character limit.
  11. For multi-page reports, you can make these rows repeat on each page.
  12. Remove the header information in the Excel header of the report.
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