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Cannot Zoom in on a Journal Entry from reports by Double Clicking it

While in a Balance Sheet or a Profit and Loss Report (for example) you may not be able to zoom in on and pull up a particular Journal Entry. Although you get the magnifying glass icon with a 'Z' in it, QuickBooks cannot zoom in on the transaction. Nothing happens when you double click it.

How to fix it
You will be able to zoom in on the journal entry from the register of one of the accounts on the journal entry.  Once there, you may notice the first line of the Journal Entry has no account specified and has a zero dollar amount in the Debit or Credit column.

If you delete this first, blank line, you will be able to zoom into this transaction from reports as expected. Highlight the blank line by single clicking it, then the keyboard shortcut to delete the line is the 'control' key and the 'delete' key.

KB ID# SLN43983
4/27/2017 3:30:09 PM
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