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Page Numbers will not Print on Forms

When printing some forms, the page numbers do not appear on the printed paper, even though they do appear on the print preview screen. The page numbers may show up as dashes or be missing altogether.

How to fix it
Usually, if the print preview looks appropriate, then the printing issue is not with QuickBooks. The problem is probably the printer software or the printer driver.  Before uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver though, please attempt to align the form vertically to ensure the problem is not with QuickBooks.
  1. Pull up the form or template you wish to print
  2. Click the 'Print' button
  3. on the following screen, click the 'Align' button.
  4. the template/form you are trying to print should be highlighted in the list.  If it is not, select it manually
  5. on the 'Fine Alignment' screen, type in 25 in the vertical field (this will move the form 1/4" upward on the paper)
  6. print the form.  If the page numbers still do not print properly, zero out the alignment numbers and proceed to uninstalling and reinstalling the printer software.
  7. If the page numbers do print, you may need to adjust the alignment down from 25 to a lower number to center the template on the printed paper.
KB ID# SLN43971
3/28/2017 10:22:33 PM
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