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Activation is reset by computer reboot

Previously activated QuickBooks Desktop show up as inactivated after restarting your computer.

In many academic environments, it is common to find security software called DeepFreeze or CleanSlate. The way these programs function is that a "snapshot" of the system is maintained as a master reset image. Students may make changes during their classes and labs. All of their changes are wiped clean upon restart of the computer (including any software changes, activations,or program installs.) This is invaluable for computer administrators as any unauthorized software installs, toolbars, and chat programs are instantly removed when the computer is restarted.

How to fix it

To keep QuickBooks Desktop activation from being impacted the IT professionals need to put in exclusions or add QuickBooks Desktop folders to their "thaw space" so as not to be affected by programs such as DeepFreeze. Please add the following folders to the program exclusions / thaw space:

C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks

This folder contain the qbregistration.dat file and this file maintains the registration status of the software.

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4/26/2017 8:48:01 AM
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