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Applying a Partial Amount of a Credit Memo to an Invoice in the Received Payment

Applying a partial Customer credit to an existing Invoice in Received Payments

Solution Description
Apply Partial Payment to a Customer Invoice:
  1. From the Customer menu, select Receive Payments.
  2. Under Customer:Job, click the drop-down and select the Customer:Job.
  3. Under Existing Credits, click to Apply Existing Credits.
  4. Under Outstanding Invoices/Statement Change, click in the Payment column and change the amount to the amount that is to be applied to the Invoice.
  5. Press Tab to calculate the amount to be applied.
  6. Verify the amount of the credit, check the Unapplied amount. It should be the amount that is not being applied.
  7. Click OK.
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4/27/2017 12:07:25 AM
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