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Error: An unrecognized file was selected. Only ISW 2009 files can be imported

When you open a previously saved report in Intuit Statement Writer (ISW) or QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW), you see this message:
An unrecognized file was selected. Only ISW 20XX Files can be imported.
Why this is happening
ISW or QSW does not see the file as a valid QuickBooks Desktop report.
What you can try now
Workaround 1: Open the report in Excel and use it to manually re-create the report 
  1. In Windows Explorer, find the report.
  2. Right-click the [Report Name].qsm file and choose Open With > Choose Program.
  3. From the list of programs, select Microsoft Excel.
  4. A message displays indicating that the file is in a different format, click Yes.
  5. A message displays "The customization assembly could not be loaded..." Click OK.
  6. The report should open in Excel. Use the Excel report as a guide to re-create the report manually in ISW or QSW. 



KB ID# SLN43895
10/16/2017 3:10:03 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9142 Pro 2018 15d3a9