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Labels Print Out of Order

Labels are not printing in alphabetic order. Although invoices print in alphabetic order, the labels are not. This can happen when customers are renamed.  Although after renaming, the customers show up in alphabetical order in the Customer Center, they may not print that way when printing labels.

Solution Description
Resort the names list:
  1. From the Banking menu, select Write Checks.
  2. Click in the 'Pay to the order of'.
  3. Holding the Ctrl key down press the letter L.
  4. This will opened the Master Names list. 
  5. At the bottom of this window, make sure the 'Include Inactive' box is checked.
  6. Click on the 'Name' button in the lower left hand corner of this window and chose Re-sort list. 
  7. Click OK on the prompt to return the list to the original (alphabetical) order.
  8. Label should print in the correct order.
KB ID# SLN43885
4/24/2017 7:53:34 PM
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