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Apply a payment written from the "Write Checks" screen to a vendor

A check was written to pay a vendor  however  the "Write Checks" screen was used as oppose to paying the bill through the "Pay Bills" module.  When you go to the "Pay Bills" screen there is no option to set credits in QuickBooks for Mac. 

Solution Description
You will first want to make sure the correct account was used on the regular check. Open the regular check that was written to the vendor and verify that the Accounts Payable account was used.  If it was not edit the transaction to be coded to the Accounts Payable account as seen below:
Once the check reflects the correct Accounts Payable account you can now go to the "Pay Bills" screen.  Here you will see a negative amount which should be the amount the regular check was written for.  You will also see a positive amount which is the amount for the actual bill.
As illustrated above, select both the negative an positive amounts which will offset one another and total to zero.  Click "OK" to apply the credit to the payment.
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4/24/2017 6:10:28 AM
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