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Warning: “The QuickBooks letter Template that you selected does not have any QuickBooks Letter fields in it. Try a different letter.”

Creating, customizing or editing a Customer letter template in QuickBooks from Microsoft Office Word document 2007 you get warning message “The QuickBooks letter Template that you selected does not have any QuickBooks Letter fields in it. Try a different letter.” and puts you in a loop after you hit Ok.

How to fix it
  1. Choose the Company menu, select Prepare Letters with Envelopes and select type of letter to send available options.
  2. From the Review and Edit Recipients screen select customers to send letters to, next.
  3. From the Choose a Letter Template screen select the Create or Edit a letter template option and click Next.
  4. From the Choose What You Want to Do screen select the Option that applies to you:
    • Create a New Letter Template From Scratch and follow on screen instructions
    • Convert an Existing Microsoft Word Document to a letter Template
    • View or Edit Existing letter Templates (if you already have a Word Document saved to use in the Letter Template list follow steps 7-17)
  5. From the Choose an existing Microsoft Word Document screen Browse for the location of the template you want to add from Microsoft Office Word 2007
  6. Choose type of letter to create from available option and click Next 
  7. When the Microsoft Word 2007 document opens, choose the Add Ins tab from the top of the screen.
  8. From Add Ins options, choose either Insert My Company Fields or Insert Customer Name Fields depending on information you want to have added to template.
  9. Save changes and close Microsoft Word.
  10. From the Use the new Letter Template screen click the Use Template button.
  11. From the View and Edit Recipients screen, select customers to send letters to and click Next.
  12. From the Choose a Letter Template screen, select the letter template created and click Next.
  13. From the Enter A Name and Title screen, type the name and title that you want to use for the close of your letter and click Next. This will create the letter.
  14. Review letter, make any needed corrections, then save and close Microsoft Word.
  15. From Print letters and envelopes screen, click Next and choose envelope size and information you want printed on the letters and envelopes.
  16. Click Ok to print letters and envelopes.
  17. Once the letters and envelopes have been printed click Finish.

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