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A report of customer tax codes and resale numbers

You need a report that displays whether or not a customer is exempt or non exempt from sales tax, and, if they are exempt, their resale number.

Customize the Customer Contact list report
  1. Open the Reports menu, browse to Lists, and select Customer Contact List.
  2. Click the Modify Report or the Customize Report button.
  3. Under the Display tab, uncheck:
    • Balance Total.
    • Phone.
    • Fax.
    • Contact.
    • Bill to.
  4. Place a check next to Sales Tax Code and Resale Number.
  5. Click OK, to save the changes.

You can use this report to identify customers who are exempt of sales tax and to locate customers that are missing sales tax information.

If a customer is missing sales tax information, double click (QuickZoom) on the customer to open the Edit Customer Window.

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3/28/2017 6:32:40 PM
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