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Invalid item type error while importing items using Advanced Import from Excel

While importing items using the Advanced Import from Excel feature, you may receive an error in the Preview window, "Invalid Item Type". The Item Type in the import file must exactly match the Item Type in QuickBooks as seen in the Items list or when adding/editing Items.

Note:  If you create an IIF export from an existing QuickBooks Company File as a template, your Item Types will not be correct for importing through the Advanced Import from Excel feature. These two features use different naming conventions for the Item Type field.

Solution description

If the error you see in the Preview window is "Invalid Item Type", you must edit your import file in Excel to correct the problem.

The Item Type must match one of the following:

  • Service
  • Inventory part
  • Non-inventory part
  • Other charge
  • Discount

Other Item Types cannot be imported using this feature. For importing other Item Types, consider using IIF import.

Corrected Item Type:

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