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Transactions added/matched from Bank Feeds do not appear with a check mark in reconcile window

In the past when you add or match transactions from online banking into the register, these transactions would appear as checked off in the Reconcile window in QuickBooks Desktop. This feature saves users the time of manually checking items off when they are reconciling.

How to fix it
This feature is still available in QuickBooks Desktop however the process has changed to ensure that only matched/added transactions that show in the paper statement from your bank are reconciled. The new process prevents users from having incorrect beginning balances when compared to the paper statement.
After you have added or matched the transactions from your online banking statement to the register in your QuickBooks file  AND when you are ready to reconcile these transactions:
  1. From the Banking menu, select Reconcile.
  2. Update the necessary information in the Begin Reconciliation window then click Continue.
    • The Reconcile window will appear with transactions that were added or matched from online banking unchecked.
  4. Click the button below the list of transactions that says Matched; a window appears that will prompt you to enter the ending date from your paper statement.
  5. Enter the date from your bank statement if you are using this to reconcile your account. If you are not using a paper statement to reconcile you can enter the through date from your online statement.
  6. Click OK.  The Reconcile window will now be updated to have all transactions added or matched from online banking checked off.
  7. You may now check or uncheck any other transactions you need so that your Ending Balance and Cleared Balance match, then click Reconcile Now.
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4/26/2017 2:33:02 PM
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