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Print 1099-Misc forms in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

The article outlines the steps in printing 1099-Misc and 1096 Misc in QuickBooks for Windows. For more information about 1099 forms and for help in running the 1099 wizard, refer to Set up and file 1099 forms in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

Detailed instructions
  • The IRS does not accept laser generated Copy As for information returns. A clear warning in Pulication 1179 Section 1.2.2 states that an attempt to submit laser generated forms could generate a penalty of $50 per form.  To view a copy of publication 1179, visit the IRS website and search for publication 1179.
  • Make sure you have preprinted 1099-MISC forms designed for printers. These forms are available at office supply stores and from IntuitMarket.
Other 1099 printing tasks and unexpected results
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