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Descriptions from billable Items/Expenses are not transferring to invoices

When adding time & costs to an invoice, items purchased on Checks and/or Bills are not transferring to the invoice with their descriptions.

Why this is happening

There is no text entered in the Description on Sales Transactions field in the Edit Item window or there is no text in the Memo field of the check

How to fix it

Solution 1:  Edit the Item and enter a description

  1. From the Lists menu, click Item List (for Windows) or Items (for Mac).
  2. Double click the item you want to change.
  3. In the Edit Item window, enter a description in the Description on Sales Transactions field.
  4. Click OK.

Solution 2:  If using the Expenses tab on a Bill or Check make sure there is a description in the Memo Field

Solution 3:  Enter description manually.

KB ID# SLN43557
3/28/2017 6:46:30 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 e4c2e3