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Hide inactive accounts on a custom report

Inactive accounts may appear on a report if there are any transactions affecting that account during the date range selected for the report.

How to fix it

To include only active accounts on a custom report:

  1. From the Reports menu, select Custom Reports then click Transaction Detail. 
  2. On the Modify Report window, go to the Filters tab and from the Filter list, select Accounts > Multiple Accounts.
  3. Click the first account in the list, and hold the left mouse button down.
  4. Drag your cursor to the bottom of the list to select all active accounts.
  5. Click OK.

In some instances, it may be best to edit any transaction that are targeting the inactive account so they affect a different and active account.

KB ID# SLN43433
3/27/2017 7:20:48 PM
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