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Page Can Not Be Displayed window when trying to download the Accountant's Transfer File

When clicking the link in the email from accountantscopy@intuit.com to download the Accountant's Transfer file a "Page Can Not Be Displayed" window appears. This prevents the option of downloading the Accountant's Transfer file from the Intuit server from appearing.

This can occur when internet security settings in Internet Explorer are not configured for the user to access the Intuit QuickBase servers. 

How to fix it
Intuit recommends more than one solution for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try both of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.             
Solution 1:  Users must add the Intuit.com URL's to the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer
  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab in the Internet Options window.
  4. Select Trusted Sites from the "Select a zone to view or change security settings." section.
  5. Click the Sites button.
  6. Enter "https://www.intuitcorp.quickbase.com" in the Add this web site to the zone field. 
  7. Click Add button.
  8. Click Close, then click Ok in the Internet Options window.
  9. Close Internet Explorer.

Solution 2:  Reset Internet Explorer

  1. Go to Internet Options
    • In Internet Explorer 9  click the Gear icon in the upper right corner
    • In Internet Explorer 8  click the Tools menu 
  2. Choose Internet Options
  3. Click on the Advanced tab
  4. Under Reset Internet Explorer Settings, click the Reset button
  5. Close and reopen Internet Explorer.
After you have completed the steps above, click the link in the email from accountantscopy@intuit.com and you will see the option to Open or Save the Accountant's Transfer file.  You should save this file to your hard drive before you convert it to an Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks.
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4/24/2017 7:43:17 PM
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