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Memo field does not automatically fill out when you create journal entries

The information in the memo field from the first line of the journal do not automatically copy to the second line of the transaction.

Possible Reasons:

  • The Preference is not properly set up
  • You are using QuickBooks Pro (This feature is not available in this version)
  • Damaged company file
How to fix it

Solution 1: Adjust the Preference

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  2. Select Accounting and click My Preferences
  3. Put a check mark on Autofill memo in general journal entry box.
  4. Click OK to close the Preferences window.


Solution 2: Create and restore portable copy

KB ID# SLN43388
4/30/2017 11:16:52 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 580925